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12 April 2018

Etiquette:how to use a napkin?

Many rules of etiquette and behavior of people in society, especially at table, are undeservedly forgotten. So, so habitual for us accessory-a napkin, fabric or paper, sometimes raises doubts. Lay aside? Put on the knees? Let's remember together. Cloth napkin is definitely a table decoration, but do not forget that its main purpose – to protect your outfit from accidental drops and crumbs of food. Before the start of the meal, it should be unfolded, folded in half and put on his knees bend to him. Not accepted – the "hook" any napkins wear the collar. Fingers soiled while eating, gently wipe the top of the swipe without lifting her from her knees. To wipe lips, the napkin take two hands, the ends held in the palms of your hands and apply the middle of the lips. Sliding movements are not allowed. When you are done, do not try to fold the napkin and give it a look, and leave it on the chair. Just gently put it on the right of the plate. The company "Bulgari green" offers its customers a wide selection of decorative napkins for any occasion.

The choice of our product – a sign of your good taste.

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