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12 April 2018

The DECOUPAGE or napkin technique

In our time, is incredibly developed, the fashion for things "handmade", unique gifts, decorations and clothing. It is not always possible to make beauty with your own hands. Then helps the technique of decoupage.

Decoupage is an application, but the application is special – varnished, it looks like a painting.

The word decoupage of French origin, means "to cut". Therefore, the technique of decoupage technique for decorating, decoration, design using paper cut motifs. This technique of decoration was invented by Chinese peasants in the twelfth century. In Europe, this method of decoration came in the XVII-XVIII centuries, along with beautiful lacquer Chinese furniture. Decoupage used in their works even famous artists such as Matisse and Picasso.

Currently the most popular material for decoupage have become three – layer napkins, so in many languages decoupage received name-napkin technique.

What will it take for decoupage?

  1. The object of decoration. You can decorate paper napkins pots for flowers, dishes, candles, books, musical instruments, boxes, vessels, bottles, furniture, etc., etc. Even clothes and shoes can be decorated to your taste. Wood, leather, textiles, ceramics, metal, gypsum, cardboard - any surface can be transformed wonderfully.
  2. Napkins. A wide assortment of collections TM Bulgaree Green.
  3. Special decoupage tools (scissors, brushes, glue, varnish, acrylic paints).

Stages of creation Of your masterpiece:

  1. Idea.
  2. Pre-treatment of the surface.
  3. Cut the pattern from the napkin.
  4. Adhesives
  5. The paint job
  6. Varnish coating
  7. Additional processing if necessary.

A good masterpieces together with the napkins TM Bulgaree Green!

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