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12 April 2018

Table Setting: table NAPKINS.

Binding the detail table layout – swipe. Napkins can be decorated with rings, ribbons, headbands Christmas themes, lay down their its unusual way on plate.

Red and white classic

This simple and easy way of serving once again proves that simple things can be beautiful. A classic, cleverly folded pocket napkin, a sprig of pine needles, the cross-feeding method of the instrument, 2 plates of different colors — that's all the elements that make the setting interesting and festive.

Recommend suggested serving for next Christmas napkins Green Bulgaree:

Golden bough

If you decide to serve a New year's table with a festive set with a Golden ornament, it is best to opt for a white napkin and a ring with decoration. For such decoration, you can take any brooch or accessory of Golden color, make a ring of thick paper, fabric or wire and glue the brooch to the ring. A similar approach is taken in the decor with a silver set.

Recommend suggested serving for next Christmas napkins Green Bulgaree:

Dual protection

Another way how to simply and effectively folded napkin. Enough to roll it into a tube and fasten at the ends with ribbons. Undoubtedly, this decor will look more beautiful if the bandage will have beads, rhinestones or other small jewelry.

Recommend suggested serving for next Christmas napkins Green Bulgaree:

In this case will be relevant and plain napkins TM Bulgaree Green, and Christmas collection with decor.

Gift serving

Tape tied around the plate with devices and a napkin in the form of gift packaging, will be the final touch of the festive serving. This serving will be a sign that your holiday table — a small gift for your guests.

Designers of napkins TM Bulgaree Green recommend both plain napkins in this composition, and color, combining the tape to one of the colors of the napkin pattern:

Mini-Christmas tree on a plate

Transfer the main decoration of the house on new Year's eve on a plate. Of course, only figuratively. To do this, put a small branch of pine needles on a napkin, which is folded in the form of a triangle on a plate, put a Christmas tree on it and a bow.

Recommended wipes TM Bulgaree Green:

Napkin in the form of a Christmas tree

With a few creative folds, this festive green Christmas tree napkin topped with a silver star will surprise your guests.

To fold a Christmas tree shape from plain green napkins Bulgaree Green. Using the following decorated napkins TM Bulgaree Green, Christmas tree can get more elegant :

Children's table

Children's table needs a festive decoration even more than an adult table. After all, children like no other, will be pleased with the lovely trinkets and the approach of the New year, and with it and gifts. So use more bright colors in the serving and pick up napkins with your favorite characters.

Children's Christmas series of napkins TM Bulgaree Green:


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