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12 April 2018


Spring is a time of change and renewal. We offer to lay the table with napkins for a joyful spring mood.

Flowers, flowers, flowers...

In the spring it is customary to decorate the table with bouquets of fresh flowers, or napkins, decorating the table with a floral theme.

In the range of TM Bulgaree Green presents as fotodizain colors and original art series:


The green color in the decoration of the table is the joy and appetite.

Moreover, the table looks more appetizing if the decor involves not only green, but also vegetables and fruits of green appetizing color:

Summer is coming soon!

Spring accompanied by a vitamin deficiency, so can not help look select images of juicy berries and fruits. Therefore, in the spring it is so useful to decorate the table in the form of a summer meadow.

Recommended from the collection of 2014.:


In Easter, decided to dress up the table. The most frequent characters serving are either painted eggs or colored peas, rabbit, chickens.

Collection 2014 is presented in two forms for lovers of bright decor and fashionable this season pastel shade:

Children's holiday

Spring fun in the hall of sessions picnics and children's parties outdoors. Swipe bright colors with your favorite images of princesses and clowns will be as always the way.


Tea? Coffee?

In any season traditions remain firm.

Traditional tea or strong coffee blends better with classic and luxurious décor

In the collection of 2014 designs of napkins TM Bulgaree Green will allow you to create a luxurious table with art:

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